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Thanks for dropping by. All are welcome here.

I am inspired to write on many topics, in the varied formats of verse and prose available to any who care to put pen to paper - but always exploring
the real, the raw, the light, the dark and the things that lay beneath the
surface of each and every one of us.

Throughout time humans have shared story, song, and verse as a way
of teaching and learning about the world, the beings that exist upon and
within it and in search of knowledge and understanding. Story touches
us all at a deep level, has the power to increase empathy and engages
parts of the brain responsible for triggering emotional and physical
responses which is why the memory of them stays with us for so long.


So come, join me. Let's be passionate, brave, curious and always willing to ask each other, "What do you think?" So together we can discover and receive the beautiful, ugly, truth of who we are collectively, with open hearts
and minds.

Skylar xxx

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