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Updated: Apr 17, 2021


Wow! I hardly know where to begin. What a rollercoaster-ride the last eight months has been. A steep learning curve, a realisation that humans intrinsically want to help other humans and an overwhelming sense of gratitude that increases in volume and velocity every day.

What the hell are you talking about, Skylar? Is the question I am hearing you ask. My answer? MY BOOK LAUNCH, PEOPLE. MY BOOK LAUNCH. Pieces of Humanity, a mixed collection of poetry and flash fiction is now out there in the world and you can purchase a hard cover, paperback or kindle version from all the usual places.






If you missed my launch and would like to check it out, you will find it on my author Facebook page here:

It was wonderful. A lovely combination of an online event and a live one at my home where all my friends and writing group compatriots (Writefree Women’s Writing Group ( ) gathered in support of me at a time when a physical launch was not possible due to Covid-19 restrictions.


So many incredible humans to thank for making sure this event went off smoothly and was attended by so many of my poetry family from across the globe.

A special mention must go to my publisher, Jennifer Sharp, of Daisy Lane Publishing, without whom there would not have been a launch as there would have been no book. I can not tell you what an honour it is to have a whole new imprint created by a publisher just to give your book baby a home. Not only did Jennifer see something of worth in my words but she took a huge gamble on me as an aspiring author and created a space for my book to fit within her publishing house. I will be forever grateful.

Neshka, my beautiful friend and cover illustrator. Thank you. Honestly, a girl could not ask for a better friend or artist to create a cover that resonated with what is written on the pages. If you would like to contact Neshka, about illustration work or artwork in general, you can email her


Rikki Livermore, AKA, Rik The Most, a most splendiferous human who has not only become a very dear friend but is also a spoken word and techno genius. Thank you. Without Rik and their talents and experience in running Zoom events I fear the launch would have suffered terminally, very early on. Do yourself a favour and check them out. They run an incredible event called, Poetry At Your Place, every Sunday, which gives poets a safe space to perform amongst their own. You can find their events on Facebook

Of course, no less thanks goes to the women that read and reviewed my book; Kelly Van Nelson, bestselling author of, Graffiti Lane,, Lisa Wolstenholme, bestselling author of, The Sunrise Girl, and Kez Wikham, bestselling author of The Cuppa Tree,

And I would be nowhere without the support of my friends and family from all around the world, some new and some as old as me – no I am not telling, and it was rude of you to ask 😊 who turned up or were at the launch in spirit and who hold space for me every day, to be me.

Keep being beautiful humans. Behaving decently is the key to a better humanity.

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