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APRIL 2021

Welcome back my beauties. Lovely of you to drop in. Tell me, what has been the feature event of your month? I mean apart from Easter, featuring too much chocolate and a long week-end, featuring too many cars on the road and shopping centres, featuring too many consumers in search of not enough hot-cross buns.

And, before any writers reading this blog, feel the need to point out I have featured the word, ‘feature’, way too many times in once sentence I would like to explain it is an intentional feature of this blog to feature, feature.

WHY? Well, so far this month, I have attended eleven virtual open-mic poetry events, been the feature poet at two; Perth Poetry Club at The Moon Café

and Lit Up online zoom open mic event with Michael Collins from Belfast and, an invited guest and reader at Markey Mark Symmonds book launch of, Rhythm of The Ink – The first Wave.

Guest poet – Skylar J Wynter

This Saturday 10th April 2pm-4pm we have the wonderful poet Skylar J Wynter + open-mike at the Moon Café and on Zoom.

APR 16 AT 2:30 AM UTC+08 – APR 16 AT 5:30 AM UTC+08

Online event: Headliners Linda McKenna and Skylar J Wynter

Soon after this blog is posted, on the 22nd April to be precise, I will be featuring as a poet on a show called The Poetry of Painting, hosted by Fiona Hooper.

Fiona is a well-known UK artist who has branched out into writing poetry to match various pieces of her art and, hosting her own live show where she invites a different poet each month to write a poem using one of her paintings as a prompt. On the show, we will each share the poem we have written and discuss all things, poetry and painting.

You can take a look at Fiona’s work and see who she has interviewed so far on her Facebook page:

My interview will be aired live, in the UK at 6pm (UTC+1) and the US 12pm (UTC-5) on the 21st April 2021 and in Perth WA 1am (UTC+8) on the 22nd April 2021 here

You will be able to watch it at a later date if you miss the live, on Fiona’s Youtube channel,

My last gig for the month will be co-hosting a virtual open-mic event called, Wine and Wigs, with the absolutely fabulous Marissa Prada,

If you have a poem about a ‘first’ after the age of eighteen and love a wine and own a wig you are very welcome to join us. Please do. I would love to meet some of my readers.

Now, I know you all want to know, what are all these virtual open mic events that I attend, and I would like to tell you because wouldn’t it be wonderful if you dropped in, met my poetry family and had a go on the open-mic? YES! Yes, it would. So here are just a sample of my regular weekly events.

Nomadic Press Virtual Open Mic:

Like A Blot From The Blue:

Now that should get you started. Don’t be shy. These are safe and wonderful spaces, and you will be very welcome.

So, the point to all my featuring of the word feature at the beginning of this blog was simply because I wanted to share with you all what a wonderful comfort it is to a creative to be asked to feature at a featuring event. I mean, how else do you think we have the courage to carry on? Feedback, my friends. Feedback and sharing and reviews and conversation on the social platforms.

If you are looking for just one way to do something kind and decent today, get onto one of the platforms where you can do a feature post on your favourite author or performer or even your favourite person in general because this feedback fills our cups, keeps us going on the dark days and just generally makes all of us humans feel loved up and wonderful and loved up wonderful people find it super easy to behave decently to others.

You know it my beauties. If you want to see more of what I am up to in the coming month jump to my event page and it is all there

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