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Updated: Apr 18, 2021


Hello again my beautiful humans. You are going to get very sick of me saying this, but…..What a month it has been!

Following the launch of Pieces of Humanity in October and it going to #1 bestseller on Amazon in November, my dear friend from the UK, Gary Huskisson ( did what Gary does. This is a human being who intrinsically knows what support looks like and how to give it and he asked if I was open to him creating and running an event to celebrate my book and (she says shyly) me!

Of course, I said, ‘Yes!” and thus the event, ‘Pieces of Humanity, In Conversation With, Skylar J Wynter’ was created.

Gary; poet, storyteller, event organiser (, human rights activist ( and basically all-round brilliant, kind and generous human being, approached all of my newly found poetry family, prevailed upon many to perform poems from my book and engaged Scottish, singer /songwriter Jamie McCormick ( to provide the kind of music that brings tears to your eyes, it is so beautiful.

It was a full Zoom room, which is testament to Gary and how valued he is in the spoken word community. I have never felt so safe or celebrated in my life and I struggle to find words within the English language that can fully encapsulate the gratitude I have for all who took the time to drop in.

This is the event description Gary penned for me:

Pieces of humanity is more colours than there is to see

More layers of life than there is in the galaxy

It’s the smiles behind the trauma

The trials covering the frown

Inside the pages

There of pieces of you and me

copied from her heart on Skylar’s sleeves.

Her lightning blue eyes refract the light ,

Showing the past behind with the dreams

of all mankind on full beam .

This book and performance not just for poets it is for everyone who wants to have a bit of respite from feeling unheard and alone. The book is a tonic. Skylar’s verses should be on prescription

Every time I read, Pieces of Humanity, I want to catch Skylar’s tears, ( whether they are joyful or not ) clench my hands together and then give her a hug, letting the smudged mascara paint sunflowers on her cheek.

See? I am not being generous enough with my praise.

So, once again humanity has prevailed and I have been gifted acts of extreme generosity and kindness this month. I know many feel the pressure of Christmas coming down on them like a ton of bricks so I hope in those moments of experiencing some humans acting out due to these pressures you can remember we are all human. We do have days where we behave less than decently but all in all there is plenty of kindness and generosity aimed our way if we take a moment to look for it.

Looking ahead, 2021 is already filling up with amazing events on the poetry circuit. I will keep you posted. In the meantime, stay safe and stay beautiful.

Humans behaving decently will change the world.

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