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Hello, hello my lovely humans. How goes it for you? No, seriously, I want to know. Please, post a comment below or come find me on my social media https://linktr.ee/Skylarjwynter and let me know how you are going. Connection is beautiful and sharing is caring.


This month my beautiful debut book, Pieces of Humanity went to #1 on Amazon making me a bestselling author. Can you even imagine? Me! Bestselling author? Nooooo. Surely not. But YES! YES, it is all true. You can check it out for yourself and even purchase a copy here:











Now, you may be wondering about the title of this post – Achievement or Fakery. Wonder no more. The term ‘Imposter Syndrome’ is one that is known across the globe and experienced by (I would hazard a guess) all of us as some point in our lives. Even if it is just walking into a room and feeling you do not belong; that the people there are smarter or more successful than you – you have felt it.

Well, when this incredible achievement happened for me, not only was the little voice in my head telling me I was undeserving but a few people on social media thought they would point out all the reasons why my book reaching bestseller status was of no real consequence at all, given poetry is hardly a popular genre (I beg to differ) and therefore one need sell very few copies to rise up through the ranks to bestselling status.

I always find it interesting (after I catch my breath and recover from the hurt) that in a world where humans are hurting and mental health and well-being is a hot topic that some find it necessary to ‘burst the bubble’ or worse, of fellow humans.

How does one deal with this kind of thing? I have no idea. The situation became confusing. I will admit, being so fresh and new to all things social media I had made a rookie mistake of creating one post and sharing it everywhere, but still felt that ‘imposter syndrome’ negative self-talk.

Upon seeing what seemed like negative feedback, I died a million deaths, and was full of shame.Yes, shame is a powerful thing that can impact our behaviour to the extreme, but that is a post for another day.

What did I do? I reached out to people. It was either that or sink to a place that is hard to climb out of and quite frankly I have had enough of sitting in that space. They shared thoughts and perspectives that helped ease the imposter back into her box and I am grateful I have people I can call on to hold space while I fall apart.

I have the power to not let people hurt me. I thanked these humans for their invaluable insight into the world of Amazon and bestseller lists. I thanked them for making me aware of the rules of their groups and I apologised for breaking them and I removed all the posts. Job done.

I am sure for a long time to come, when I think on my achievement, (lets face it I wrote a book, had it picked up by a traditional publishing house, https://www.daisylanepublishing.com/ launched it and sold enough copies, whatever that number is, to end up at #1 on Amazon) it will be tinged with the shame and sense of imposter syndrome that came within the week that followed, but I know there are many readers and writers out there that share that experience and isn’t it nice to know – WE ARE NOT ALONE!

Remember beautiful humans; humans behaving decently, will change the world.

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