Skylar J Wynter is an Australian author living in the Perth Hills. Winner of the Katharine Susannah Pritchard Unpublished Writer Fellowship 2020, she writes poetry, short stories and flash fiction. 
She can often be found procrastinating in hidden corners of various libraries around Perth and performing her poems at open mic events online, at The Moon or at the monthly Perth Slam events held at Bar 459.
Skylar is currently working on several projects, one of which is a sequel to her soon to be released collection, Pieces of Humanity.

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1) I am the alter-ego of a much too boring middle-aged woman.

2) I am more fascinated by what is not said than what is.

3) I rarely plan what I write. Ideas simply pester and poke and tease at me until I write them down in a way that satisfies them and then they leave me alone.

4) I need complete silence to write and I must have a view from a window.


1) My perfect writing retreat would be a real life tree house fashioned after The Magic Faraway Tree so that after a hard day's writing I could sit on a cushion and whiz home via a giant slippery dip.

2) I look forward to the day technology or genetic engineering will allow me to program my hair to grow blue - wigs are annoying.

3) My favorite food is baked cheescake and the day celery can be genetically engineered to taste like it I will be a huge fan.


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