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Welcome home my lovelies. So many things are happening right now so, I am sneaking in a small blog to keep you up to date. I can not be responsible for any of you lagging behind and missing out on all the fun.

This year has been more than just a whirlwind, it’s been utterly cyclonic. Looking back, the launch of Pieces of Humanity in October 2020, was incredible. Right when the world was in lockdown and authors and performers alike were afraid they would never again be able to launch books or hold concerts, Zoom came to our rescue. You can read all about it in my Launch Blog

Amazing, but it didn’t stop there, by November POH had gone to #1 on Amazon and I was performing regularly at virtual open mics, but along came Imposter Syndrome which you can read about in my November blog here:

December was upon me before I knew it and I was kept busy writing new material and being wowed by a huge event – IN CONVERSATION WITH SKYLAR J WYNTER, hosted by a dear friend and fellow poet, Gary Huskisson. Even without Christmas (which sank into obscurity) December was amazing and you can catch up on it in my December blog here:

January was looking to be just as busy but a very wise friend told me to take time out and fill my cup and for once I listened. (I had no choice, I was burning out.) You can see what I got up to during my mini-break and afterwards, at my January blog -

I loved Feb, (who didn’t it is the month of love after all?) I wrote and performed my first piece of risqué erotica and came out the other side feeling very enlightened. Read about my transformation in my February blog.

The heat of March kept me indoors, Zooming around the world on the virtual open mic at all hours of the night and day, sleep became a luxury I could not afford and I rounded it off with my first cameo role in a fellow Poet’s and now up and coming film maker's first film – Poets In Therapy. Find out all about it in my March blog -

April arrived and along with Autumns first downpour, I was showered in Features. My events schedule on my website morphed from middling to mahoosive and rather than rewrite it here you can go read it for yourself on my April blog -

Now stay tuned folks and hang on for the ride ‘cos there are no plans to slow down. In fact, the next exciting instalment will be all about a trip down the red carpet and my own foray into spoken word film. Is your interest piqued? I hope so.

Stay gorgeous. Stay decent.

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